Wellness Massage

Enjoy the luxury of balance in body and mind

Wellness Massage

60 min. € 70

90 min. € 100


Do you ever feel exhausted, or weary?

Experiencing strained or cramped muscles after a tough week? A wellness massage might be well deserved. However, don’t stop yourself from enjoying the luxury of a relaxing massage when you’re feeling perfectly fine!

A wellness massage is perfect for anybody who wishes to treat themselves.

By relaxing the body, all signs and results of stress can be softened.

You may also experience clarity of mind, when your body is completely relaxed, enabling you to break a negative spiral of chronic pains.

This classic massage technique is performed directly on the skin and can be done on arms, feet, legs, back, neck and your face.

Location & Contact Details

Tel: +31 6 55301555

Email: bodymindmassage@outlook.com

Location: Customer's Place

Treatment is against cash or card payment.

Cancel? If you want to cancel an appointment, you can do free of charge until 24 hours before the appointment, after which 50 % will be charged.

The massages are provided at your home, at your holiday home and hotel.

Travel expenses are included in the price .