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Whatever drew you here today , is an indicator. Pay attention to these sigs that found you. Big or small signs, they all have a meaning.

Reconnective healing

Since I have read the book "the Reconnection" by Dr. Eric Pearl, my interest in Healing has been aroused and I have started to delve further into the aspect of healing.

I followed the 3 levels of the Reconnective Healing  of Dr. Eric Pearl. I also followed Reiki, the training for Sensi therapy, Quantum healing and various online healing courses by Jeffrey Allen, Dr. Joe Dispenza . I have combined all these techniques into a whole for me.

In general, it comes down to the fact that the various healing methods use the universal energy. We take the energy (frequencies) from the universe and send these frequencies to those who want to be healed. 

Everything around us is energy, we ourselves are energy.


When we are in pain, in whatever form (physically and/or mentally), our energy level is lower, our frequency is lower. This can be in general but also in certain places in the body. By focusing the healing on those places, the frequency at that place is higher so that changes can take place up to the cellular level.

I don't do the healing alone, we always do it together. I ask you during a treatment to focus your attention on what you want to have healed. This can be on a mental, physical or spiritual level. This is how we do it together with attention for you.

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