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Review 10-12-2021

John Yiannie Lamb  raadt Body & Mind Massage aan

10 december 2021

Excellent deep muscle massage,

Helps enormously with my sciatic pain, rotator cuff and general muscle pains! Danielle knows intuitively exactly which muscles to concentrate on. I have much better mobility and less pain since I started seeing her!

Highly reccomended 

Review 19-08-2020

Hidemi N E  raadt Body & Mind Massage aan.

19 augustus

Best Massage , She has good hands to heal my muscles.. I had bad shoulder and neck pain but now it not too bad .. Thank you and see you next week 🥰😍🥰😍😘😍 if you are looking for top quality massage , contact her 😊

Review 12-02-2020

Don Indo Español  raadt Body & Mind Massage aan.

11 februari

I've let them give me all kinds of massages over the years. Once by the club's physical therapist in my cycling days with an ambition that I never fulfilled, hehe. Later by several others in which - strange but true - I had problems with the massage of the thighs. Many masseurs only use "technique". The difference with Danielle is that in addition to the necessary technique she also uses ¨feeling¨. Each individual experiences a massage in a different way. Danielle knows how to tailor massage the right way to the individual. The service is perfect: she just comes to your house with all the necessities including a massage table. Highly recommended, also for family and / or housemates!

Review 28-01-2020

My massage with Daniëlle was amazing. She came to my house with a lovely smile and great energy and made me relax from head to toe. She managed to find my tense spots and help ease my muscles with no pain but great relief. Her massage was fabulous all over, although I REALLY loved the special attention to my lower back, hip area, shoulders and neck. I really recommend Daniëlle for a relaxing massage 💆‍♀️ And if you have an outdoor sunny area like I do, she will set up there and it will be just heaven ☀️

See the video!!

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