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Every Single Day Is Your Unique Life

Our body is the most important transport vehicle in life.

We need to take care of it in any possible good way we can. Because... it is the only vehicle we have to move around on this planet.

Day in, day out.

So be very careful what you eat and drink every day.

Take care every single piece of your body.

Outside and inside.

For as long as you live.

You know what is said... a healthy body, a healthy soul, a healthy mind... is a healthy life.

There is so much to discover in life. And we live longer and longer. So taking well care of 'you' in all its forms is very important. And love living your life.

A good way of doing this is by learning to listen to your body. What is it telling you during the day and night?

Listen and act accordingly. Time after time.

If you do not. You will start to feel discomfort and even pain.

Your body, your mind is telling you that you need to change something. Start to listen deeper to the signals.

Body and mind go together. Always. All the time. And your soul tells you what is good for you.

So listen to your soul and act in a positive direct way.

Do not wait to act and do not ignore.

So what to do if you are in pain, physically or mentally at this very moment? Because you did not listen to your body, mind signals or when you still have unsolved things from your past.

Solve them right now before you do more damage and if you do not know how to... go and see a person who is passionate about these matters.

About helping you to restore your body and mind.

Those people have this special gift to really care, to help you get up and move on again in life.

All I want... is everyone on this earth to be happy or happier...

And it is possible for everyone.

It all depends how we react to life.


Love life & be happy,

every single day of your unique life,

Joris Plu

Life, Relations & Business Psychotherapist

Marbella, Spain

all info on

WhatsApp & Phone +32 472 401 611 +34 610 170 635

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