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What is chair massage?

Chair massage is an accessible, effective pressure point massage of the head, neck and shoulders, arms, back and hands. The massage is performed, usually through clothing, on an ergonomically designed chair that invites you to a relaxed position. In a massage lasting approximately 20 minutes, the client feels relaxed again, full of energy, clear and alert.

The combination of a high workload, a high living and working pace and working in the same position for long periods of time causes stiffness and pain in muscles due to reduced blood flow. A good example is employees who sit behind a screen for a long time and experience pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulder girdle.

Chair massage relaxes and promotes blood circulation. The chair massage is particularly pleasant to undergo and very relaxing. The treatment ends with a short activation and then you can return to work fit and alert.

The chair massage works both preventively and aimed at recovery.

How does chair massage work?

The chair massage treatment starts with relaxation and ends with stimulation.


The relaxing part starts with pressure points on the shoulders, in the neck and at the edge of the skull. The shoulders are then stretched and arms, hands and fingers are treated. To conclude the relaxing part of the treatment, pressure points on the back are treated.

In the final, stimulating part of the treatment, the back and shoulders are patted and the scalp is stimulated.


This above description is very general. The actual chair massage will be slightly different each time, tailored to the situation at that moment.

Benefits for the company

Companies choose corporate massage to keep their employees fit and healthy.

Corporate massage promotes productivity and ensures that the employee feels good about himself. Any stress-related complaints are reduced and the employee gains new energy to return to work. Employees can often greatly appreciate that their employer shows in this way that it takes the well-being of employees seriously.

The short-term effects are immediately noticeable: people have more energy, better performance, they are more alert and it improves concentration.

The long-term effects are also clear: the employee is more balanced, fitter, has better health and therefore a reduction in absenteeism due to illness. In short: with a small investment you can keep your employees in top condition!

Preventive chair massage

Your employees receive treatment aimed at preventing health complaints. The chair masseur visits your company regularly, usually weekly or biweekly. Employees who are registered for the company massage receive their treatment according to a fixed schedule or, if desired, via registration lists.

The corporate massage treatments can be supplemented with workplace advice, posture advice, homework exercises, etc.

Every three months you will receive a concise report on the underlying period. There is a meeting at least twice a year to discuss the state of affairs.



I provide the treatments on location. This can be on a regular basis, e.g. once or twice a week at the workplace, but also occasionally, e.g. at trade fairs, company parties, events, etc


I also provide additional services if desired:

Central registration list for employees



Homework exercises

Information provision for employees

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